and Hololight Unveil Industrial AR/VR Partnership

Table of Contents and Hololight Partner to Deliver AR/VR Solutions for Industrial Training and Support at Scale, a pioneer in AR/VR solutions for training and operational support, and Hololight, the leading specialist in XR streaming solutions for industrial enterprises, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the enterprise XR market for training and operational support. The combination of frontline’s strengths in interactive 3D virtual training and remote augmented reality support with Hololight’s enterprise XR streaming platform, Hololight Hub, will create a superior offering for manufacturing companies, covering a wider range of use cases through high fidelity visualization, enhanced security and eliminating the need for data preparation. As a new member of Hololight’s ISV Partner Program, will leverage Hololight’s proprietary XR streaming technology and the Hololight Hub streaming platform to set a new standard for delivering augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and digital twin technology to global machine hardware manufacturers.

Training and Remote Support Powered by XR Streaming

Operations are hampered by heavy reliance on experts, long training times, and poor update/feedback processes. Skill gaps, low millennial engagement, and high travel costs add to the operational burden and require immediate action to improve efficiency and reduce costs. improves operational efficiency through its suite of immersive training and support software tools. Its unique SaaS platform simplifies and transforms training and support, improving productivity and reducing costs.

By leveraging the Hololight Hub infrastructure, users will benefit from a centralized XR streaming platform that further simplifies the distribution and management of AR and VR applications. This integration will provide seamless access to’s tools, ensuring high-quality, highly secure, interactive training and support across multiple devices. In addition, combining Hololight’s XR streaming technology with’s platform will enhance performance and scalability, delivering an unparalleled immersive experience to users worldwide. Manufacturers can easily empower their teams with, saving time and money with interactive 3D virtual training, augmented reality remote support and real-time analytics. In addition, this partnership offers Hololight customers the opportunity to leverage frontline’s innovative solutions through the Hololight Hub platform, strengthening both companies’ presence in the current market and opening doors to new markets and customers.

Driving Business Innovation with Immersive Technologies

“ is an exceptional solution that addresses the key challenges manufacturing companies face in their field operations. By leveraging our breakthrough XR streaming technology and robust management platform, Hololight Hub, together we are setting a new standard for how AR and VR can improve operational efficiency and learning experiences,” said Helmut Gulde, Chief Corporate Development Officer at Hololight.

“Our partnership with marks a significant milestone in our journey to redefine the landscape of enterprise spatial computing,” added Florian Haspinger, CEO of Hololight. “By combining our strengths, we are not only expanding the capabilities of AR, VR and digital twin technologies, but also ensuring that these innovations are scalable, efficient and secure for enterprises around the world.”

”This partnership marks an exciting moment in our journey to transform the way hardware manufacturers around the world train, engage and support their customers. We are confident that our combined technology, customer network and expertise will accelerate adoption of AR and VR solutions across multiple industries, bringing services and support into a new, more efficient era,” said Itzhak Pichadze CEO,

By joining forces, and Hololight are strengthening their shared vision of using immersive technology to create real value for businesses. Helping organizations focus on what really matters: getting the job done.

About is a cutting-edge SaaS platform that revolutionises the way organisations deliver training and support. Using AR, VR, and MR to provide an accurate, interactive ‘digital twin’ of almost any hardware application, enables manufacturers and their customers to simplify the learning experience and improve support efficiency. is a unique C3 platform – offering cross platform interaction (IOS, Android, PC, Windows, HoloLens, MagicLeap, Quest, etc), cross reality experiences (AR, VR or MR) and cross use case requirements, bringing all training and support tools into one integrated solution, including Visual Remote Assist, Immersive training, Parts Catalogue, Configuration Management, Digital Twin Scene, and Interactive 3D Work Instruction. is owned by LLS LTD.

About Hololight

Hololight is the leading provider of enterprise augmented and virtual reality (XR) software, infrastructure, and streaming technology. The company’s Hololight Hub XR streaming platform ensures that the management and deployment of augmented and virtual reality applications is not only secure, but also seamless, regardless of scale. Complemented by proprietary XR streaming technology and an engineering-focused XR application, Hololight enables organizations to drive innovation in product development, manufacturing, training, and more. Founded in 2015, Hololight proudly serves the global market from offices in Germany, Austria, and the United States.

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